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Do rappers sell their souls for fame and fortune?If you want to learn more about the Illuminati, then read my....Illuminati Serects Revealed Book SeriesStarting with How The Illuminati Uses Rap Music, Christian Author Mack C. Moore takes you on a journey to expose the Illuminati and how they control the world. This first book exposes blood sacrifices in hip-hop, replaced rappers, homosexual lyrics, and other things the Illuminati don't want the public to know.This isn't just a book on conspiracy theories, but also a book on spiritual warfare. So Christians it's a must that you learn how the devil is using rap music to poison the minds and spirits of the people who listen to it, including the children. The Illuminati Secrets Revealed series will cover everything the Illuminati has control of: from religion to government to entertainment to sports and so on.

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